Comprehensive Services

Translators and proofreaders specializing in literary translation oftentimes spend many weeks working on a particular title. However, the team that delivers the final product is much larger and includes graphic designers, DTP specialists, as well as consultants and subject matter experts.

Scope of book translation services:

  • Our offer is extensive: the client sends the source text and receives a translated, proofread, and edited book in the target language. We boast many years of experience in DTP, so the translated book can be prepared in print-ready version (dummy, cover design, formatting, preparation of production files).
  • Translation, proofreading, and editing.
  • Cultural adaptation (if required).
  • Fact checking, and subject matter experts support.
  • Dummy preparation.
  • Font localization for DTP purposes.
  • Cover design.
  • Typesetting and comprehensive preparation for print.