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The team responsible for business translation and interpretation at Roboto is a separate group of professionals. We usually provide B2B services to our regular Clients from the multimedia industry (marketing presentations, contracts, accounting documents, etc.). Naturally, those services are also provided as an independent B2B offer, which covers 23 languages. We specialise in a broad variety of disciplines, such as economy, law, medicine, marketing, and many more.

  • Our translators can translate texts in a variety of areas:
  • economy
  • finance
  • law
  • IT
  • medicine
  • advertising and PR
  • sports
  • We provide the following interpretation services:
  • consecutive interpretation,
  • simultaneous interpretation: booth-based and whispered,
  • support during negotiations and business meetings (e.g. giving presentations),
  • conducting conferences and events in a foreign language (e.g. sports events).


Each area of translation requires extensive knowledge and experience to render the given technical text identical with the target one – departures from the original are not an option. This is the main difference between business and literary translations. In the case of the latter, the translator’s ‘flow’ adds a unique panache to the translated novel, which ultimately makes the translation so admired by readers. Roboto employs only the best translators and editors in any given field – law, marketing, IT, advertising, technology, medicine. Project managers dedicated to particular Clients manage resources at every stage of the project to ensure success in any undertaking.

  • We provide the following translation services:
  • regular and sworn (certified),
  • standard and expedited.
  • Upon Client’s request, the translations are proofread by native speakers. Translations are verified to check the correctness of:
  • content
  • terminology
  • style
  • grammar
  • syntax



We offer full support to our Clients, if a conference needs to be organised seamlessly (by providing simultaneous booth interpretation services), or if they need help during individual negotiations (we ensure consecutive or whispered interpretations).  It is important to bear in mind that a good interpreter is far from a word-crunching ‘machine’ for converting text into and from a foreign language. Discrete and professional, interpreters can contribute to a successful outcome of international undertakings of our Clients, adding right gestures, appearance, tone of voice and body language to the equation.

Case study

Translation of advertising materials, data sheets, manuals, white papers, case studies and website content.

In last 4 years we have accompanied Sony Polska on three occasions during conferences where the following games were showcased: InFamous2, Wonderbook: Book of Spells, The Last of Us, The Order 1886 and Drive Club. Our interpreters supported these events by providing interpretation services (at meetings with designers, making-of events, etc.)

Translation of advertising materials, presentations and website content. In 2012– 2014 we have translated around 1950 standard pages in PL-EN, EN-PL and PL-FR language pairs.

Translation of documents related to real-estate appraisal (so-called appraisal reports). In 2012-2014 we have translated 246 standard pages in the PL-EN language pair.

Translation of marketing texts. In 2014 we have translated around 50 standard pages in PL-EN and EN-PL language pairs.

EN-PL-EN interpretation during the Astellas Enzalutamide Regional Advisory Board conference in Gdańsk and producing a report from the conference in English. The meeting was devoted to the treatment of prostate cancer and a new drug for this disease (June 2013).