Each area of translation requires extensive knowledge and experience to render the given technical text identical with the target one – departures from the original are not an option. This is the main difference between business and literary translations. In the case of the latter, the translator’s ‘flow’ adds a unique panache to the translated novel, which ultimately makes the translation so admired by readers. Roboto employs only the best translators and editors in any given field – law, marketing, IT, advertising, technology, medicine. Project managers dedicated to particular Clients manage resources at every stage of the project to ensure success in any undertaking.

  • We provide the following translation services:
  • regular and sworn (certified),
  • standard and expedited.
  • Upon Client’s request, the translations are proofread by native speakers. Translations are verified to check the correctness of:
  • content
  • terminology
  • style
  • grammar
  • syntax