In Roboto they trust

Roboto has been operating on the market since 2002, successfully carrying out complex projects in the multimedia industry (games, movies, books) as well as business translation projects. In the last decade, we have worked with more than 150 companies all over the world, half of which enjoy a continuous business relation with us. Should you wish to get more details, we kindly invite you to browse through references we received from our partners.

  • SEGA
  • Roboto has proven time and again its worth as a competent and reliable localisation partner. Its team shows both skills and know-how to create localised versions with tight deadlines and at competitive prices.
  • I recommend them for Polish translation and recordings for any kind of games (AAA). They did a good job for HAWX 2 (cost and quality wise) and I would use them again without a doubt. They are, starting from HAWX2, the best Polish resource I’ve worked with.
  • EA
  • Working with Roboto in the audio localisation (…) was a real pleasure despite the high complexity and tight deadlines of the project. We could always count on excellent communication and immediate feedback from their side (…). We would highly recommend using Roboto.
  • CDP
  • Roboto offers incomparable service to our company, covering such tasks as translation, voice-over recording and LQA testing. The quality of service provided by Roboto is trully impressive. The team of translators, proofreaders and testers is always ready to come up with adequate solutions for unusual and demanding terms.