In the movie translation trade the key factor is the cultural context


Recording voice artists is one of the services we provide at Roboto in the area of film localisation. We perform recordings in our own Warsaw-based studio.

  • The studio offers:
  • the largest voice base, that includes TV celebrities and film stars,
  • excellent facilities meeting all technical requirements,
  • eany years of experience in sound recording for video games.
  • The studio facilities ensure perfect acoustic conditions:
  • recording and processing takes place in five equivalent studios, allowing us to record 5 independent projects at the same time
  • the recording area has been constructed using cutting-edge sound-absorbent and acoustic materials,
  • optimised space and numerous workstations allow us to carry out several complex projects at the same time,
  • perfect acoustic conditions in the studio and the experience of staff guarantee the top quality of the final product.